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Star’s success is built upon product innovation along with strong relationships with the market’s leading software partners, developers and systems integrators.

Star’s outstanding Software Development Support is unrivalled.  Our multi-product API, Star IO, forms part of our Windows, iOS, Android and Linux based SDKs used by software houses worldwide integrating Star’s feature-rich range of products. This, together with the back-up of Star’s experienced support team, allows simple integration of platform-specific applications with Star products. For more information about integration support please contact us.

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Star SDKs


All-in-one driver, configuration utility, and support package designed for Star POS, Kiosk and Mobile Printers as well as Digital Receipting for development under Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and MAC

Interface for Cloud POS Printing

Star CloudPRNT

Star CloudPRNT for remote printing from a web server to Star printers anywhere with no complex router setup or port forwarding 

Apple MFI Program

Apple MFI Program

Apple MFi Approval Process for Apple developers for submission to the iTunes App Store


The market’s first solution to provide control of the printer and attached peripherals as well as Ethernet provision to tablets

Star futurePRNT
All-in-one driver, configuration utility, and support package for Star’s TSP100 range of receipt printers

Passprnt airprint printers

Star PassPRNT

Sophisticated print data relaying application available for iOS, Android and Windows developers

CloudPRNT for WooCommerce

Star’s free CloudPRNT for WooCommerce plug-in for Star receipt printers can be used to quickly create a remote order or receipt printing solution for restaurants, take-aways, bakeries and similar businesses with minimal set-up time and cost.

Star WebPRNT

Interface for Star POS printers for device-agnostic receipt printing from web-based applications.

Digital Receipting

Digital Receipt Service

Fast, free and secure Digital Receipting Service from Star Cloud Services