TSP143U USB, Autocutter
TSP113U USB, Tear Bar
TSP143II USB, Autocutter, ECO features
TSP143LAN Ethernet, Autocutter
TSP113LAN Ethernet, Tear Bar
TSP113GT USB, Tear Bar, Gloss Casing
TSP143GT USB, Autocutter, Gloss Casing

AllReceipts Digital Receipt App



Setting new standards for POS printing technology

Star’s best selling printer worldwide, the TSP100, is the first software-driven POS receipt printer to provide an immediate plug & play application. This allows retailers to tailor and continuously modify all aspects of receipting output to meet their individual needs.

Star’s futurePRNT free-of-charge, value added software included with the TSP100  far exceeds installation tools normally provided, enabling users to install high volume, custom set-ups.  Software tools include Receipt Re-Design Tool, Auto-Text Reversal™, Coupon Marketing Tool, Journal and Multi-Copy Tool.

The unique TSP100 set-up utility reduces integration time to minutes as it can simply mirror individual printer settings to multiple unites in different locations, if required. The printer does not even have to be taken out of the box for pre-installation.

AllReceiptsAllReceipts digital receipting app is included free of charge with the Star TSP100.

The TSP100LAN Entry-Level Ethernet Version of the TSP100 futurePRNT offers optional WiFi printing capabilities compatible with Windows, Android and iOS –  ideal for Mobile POS (MPOS) applications.

TSP100 ECO POS Printer with innovative ECO Features provides low cost printing with superior quality and includes unique paper saving features that could help retailers use up to 70% less paper as well as more power efficient methods.

Further information about the TSP100 series can be found on the dedicated futurePRNT website www.futurePRNT.com


  • 125mm – 250mm per second print speed
  • Easy-Load “Drop-In & Print” paper loading
  • All set-up accessories are included in the box at purchase
  • Unique futurePRNT software included
  • AllReceipts Digital Receipting App inlcuded
  • Tear Bar or Autocutter versions (high quality guillotine cutter)
  • 4 year limited warranty on all TSP100 futurePRNT series models (Europe and South Africa)


TSP100 Specifications


Max. Print Speed TSP100GT: 250mm/sec. TSP100U (TSP113U / TSP143U): 125mm/sec.
Resolution 203 dpi
No. of Columns 48 / 64 col. Depending on Paper Width
Autocutter Tear Bar and Partial (Guillotine) Autocutter Models
Paper Width 80mm (58mm Using Paper Guide)
Paper Thickness 0.065 – 0.085mm
Paper Roll Standard Option 83mm
Media Presentation User Selectable Paper Delivery Options with Mounting Bracket included
Print Width 50.8mm (58mm Paper) 72mm (80mm Paper)
Sensors Paper End, Cover Open
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed with Cable Supplied and “Virtual’’ Serial Port Emulator. 3rd Party WiFi/ Bluetooth Options
Unique Ethernet Print on Disconnection Feature  
Power Supply Internal with Power Cable included
Power Consumption 1.6 Amps Printing 0.1 Amps Standby
Energy Star Energy Star Certified Internal Power Supply with Power Cable included
Reliability 60 Million Lines 1 Million Cuts
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm Weight 142 x 204 x 132 1.56kg – 1.76kg
  • T100/650 Splash Proof Cover
  • VS-T650/100 Display Stand for Vertical Use

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